Pastor Rajan, a resident of Tharanikulam in the Vavuniya district has been working as the Minister of the Power of Jesus Gospel Ministry for the past 6 years. Serving a church that has spread out to four branches in different locations in order to meet the needs of a dispersed congregation has not been easy.

Furthermore preaching to a congregation on the importance of nurturing their spiritual life, while their menial pay as labourers did not meet their day-to-day needs, proved to be a challenge. This was particularly so when Pastor Rajan himself found it hard to sustain the needs of his wife, child and ageing father.

Pastor Rajan however has found the encouragement and support to spiritually nurture his congregation of approximately 40, through the help he received through the Practical Assistance programme of the Religious Liberty Commission of the NCEASL. Under this programme, pastors like Pastor Rajan receive encouragement to continue their ministries through raising their standard of living through a source of income.

Pastor Rajan purchased six goats and three kid goats with the financial support received through the livelihood scheme of the Practical Assistance programme during the period of June-August last year. He now has approximately 25 goats and is able to make close to 30,000 rupees a month. “The livelihood support I received has been a great source of strength to me, particularly in the initial days of my ministry” Pastor Rajan explained. “I was even able to sell about six goats and make a profit of more than 20,000 rupees.”

Pastor Rajan is thankful for the help he received from the NCEASL. He expressed a strong desire that several others in his community, of who many were affected by the war and had spent most of their lives in refugee camps, would be supported in a similar manner.

We have faith in the Lord to sustain us and our ministry; but the help that was given to us through the NCEASL has really helped me and encouraged me to continue and take forward my ministry” said Pastor Rajan.

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