Building a Sustainable City Gospel Movement

“A gospel movement takes place when different denominations and cross cultural people come together. Racial and ethnic groups bring different aspects but the wall doesn’t need to come down altogether as the richness of diversity will go away. They unite with a vision to affect the entire city with the gospel and the whole city is influenced for Christ” said Tom White as he addressed 40 Christian leaders from different denominations on Building a Sustainable City Gospel Movement at a seminar initiated by the NCEASL on 28 August 2017.

Founder and President of Frontline Ministries, Tom White coordinates the Global Leadership Community and serves on the City Gospel Movement National Team in the US. White also conducts an international ministry catalysing and developing citywide gospel movements and teaches on spiritual warfare; building collaborative partnerships among kingdom leaders to more effectively reach their communities. White has authored several books – amongst them The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements which was published in 2013 and reprinted in 2017.

A city gospel movement makes an impact in a city through the members of the body of Christ, bringing the presence of God’s kingdom into all spheres of societal activity. This eventually has an impact on the life of the whole city. As the concept of a city gospel movement works across different denominations there is no one church nor one organisation nor one leader in charge. It is a moment when the Holy Spirit moves across the whole city and as a result the overall body of Christ grows. The movement thereby creates an impact for Christ upon the whole city. Tom White and Arthur Thangaiah (Mumbai Transformation Network – South Asia City Advance Leadership Team) expounded on proficiently balancing biblical foundations with hands-on tools; the four building blocks necessary for a successful gospel movement.

Prayer –  centrality of corporate spiritual discipline
Research – compelling research spawns results
Leadership – Training existing leadership and cultivating millennial leadership
Outcomes – success today propels success tomorrow

Together they encouraged the participants representing Christian organisations and members of denominational and non-denominational churches to have collaborative partnerships and build prayer teams to intercede and seek God’s direction to break down strongholds in the city.

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