Building a Sustainable City Gospel Movement

“A gospel movement takes place when different denominations and cross cultural people come together. Racial and ethnic groups bring different aspects but the wall doesn’t need to come down altogether as the richness of diversity will go away. They unite with a vision to affect the entire city with the gospel and the whole city  [...]

Amnesty International Condemns Threats to Human Rights Lawyer

The Amnesty International recently condemned the threats made by the Minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana, Wijedasa Rajapakse, against renowned human rights lawyer, Lakshan Dias. Minister Rajapakse also denied the statement made by Dias on 14 June on a televised talk show, about the 195 incidents of violence, intimidation and discrimination against Christian places of  [...]

Recovering and Reconciling Through Religion

Interfaith Consultation on the Transitional Justice Process in Sri Lanka Kurukkal Rasanayagam Sri Krishnan, who is also the Principal of the Elpitiya Divitura Vivekananda Tamil Vidyalayam in Galle, is one of the faith leaders who participated at the interfaith consultation on the Transitional Justice process in Sri Lanka, conducted by the National Christian Evangelical Alliance  [...]

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