Building a Sustainable City Gospel Movement

“A gospel movement takes place when different denominations and cross cultural people come together. Racial and ethnic groups bring different aspects but the wall doesn’t need to come down altogether as the richness of diversity will go away. They unite with a vision to affect the entire city with the gospel and the whole city  [...]

Launch of National Pastors’ Children’s Fellowship

The need for a national Christian youth movement among the pastors’ children was long felt. The NCEASL recognised that the ideal platform to launch this movement was by using an existing network – the all island pastors’ networks. Thus on 8 July, the NCEASL launched the National Pastors’ Children’s Fellowship (NPCF) with pastors’ children aged  [...]

SSTS Motivates Pastors to Press On

During the month of April, the NCEASL facilitated several seminars on ‘Standing Strong Through the Storm’ for pastors, church leaders and others involved in ministry.  The seminars were held in Sinhala and Tamil for a total of 395 participants from the Districts of Galle, Polonnaruwa,  Mullaitivu and other selected Districts. Whilst focusing on equipping the  [...]

Voices of Strong Women – Crucial to Peace Building and Reconciliation

A dialogue highlighting the untold stories of war-affected women in Sri Lanka was held on 29th July 2015 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH). The Voices of Strong Women was a celebration of the resilience and strength of war-affected women from both sides of the conflict. This event was hosted by the National  [...]

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