Following the violent attack by a mob led by Buddhist Monks on the Jeevana Diya Church in Kadjugahadeniya in the Meegoda district, a complaint was lodged by the pastor of the said church at the police station. A case was filed by the area police who had gathered information on the incident at the Magistrates Court in Meegoda. It is interesting to note that the case filed states that the attack was on an “unauthorized” religious place of worship.

The case referred to the Magistrates Court in Meegoda, was called on the 13th of September and a further date was given for the 20th of September. The case however was postponed to the 11th of October. The case was heard on the 11th of October, with the next hearing being scheduled for the 06th of December.

The Religious Liberty Commission in keeping with its role, provided legal advice and financial assistance towards the said pastor’s legal representation in court while covering other additional costs incurred during the process.

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