Launch of National Christian Youth Movement

The NCEASL launched the National Christian Youth Movement on 8 July at Sanctuary House, Pamunugama. The objective of the youth movement is to help youth find their calling in God’s Kingdom whilst also encouraging them to be the salt and light in this dark world in order to reach out and win our nation for Christ. The NCEASL invited pastors’ children aged 13-30 years who represented the 25 districts and the 9 provinces. The 260 participants who attended the event came from as far as Jaffna, Kataragama, Trincomalee and Monaragala. The registration desk for the programme was open from early hours of 8th morning to welcome the youth and offer them refreshments before commencing the day’s proceeding.

Several pastors who were guest speakers at the camp challenged the youth to proclaim the Good News and witness to people they meet in their day to day lives. “The decision to go forth and win souls now lies in the hands of your generation” said one speaker. Through personal testimonies shared by several pastors, the youth were encouraged to be obedient to God’s calling in their lives and make a fresh commitment to serve God. As pastors’ children, they were reminded that they are highly anointed to carry a mantle of ministry in their lives.

The youth took part in several indoor and outdoor games which enabled them to get to know one another and make new friends as well as sharpen their skills of leadership and team building.

Gayan and his friends from Kataragama were extremely grateful to the NCEASL for organising an event especially for pastors’ children. “We were challenged with a calling; to carry a burden to win our nation” said Gayan and added, “if we unite as pastors’ children, we can be a formidable force to win our nation for Christ”.

“I have not been too serious with my service for God in the past. I am involved in Sunday school and worship in church, but that is because I am forced to do it as my father is a pastor” confessed Thuthunika. “But today I realised that I had a unique calling as I am a child of a servant of God. Today I made a decision to serve God not because of my parents but because God is sovereign” she said.

Amongst the 40 youth that travelled from Jaffna for the youth movement was Aniston. “We are all pastors’ children and when we came here today we were a bit confused about God’s calling in our lives. After listening to the teachings and the testimonies today it has really helped us to understand God’s will for our lives. We are going back home with a deeper understanding and clarity of mind” said Aniston.

The NCEASL proposes to form youth fellowships in each district to carry out more focused activities in the respective regions.

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