Special Projects

Special Projects are income generating projects that harness resources and core competencies to serve the Evangelical Church and the wider Sri Lankan community while empowering vulnerable groups. The ongoing projects – a retreat and training centre, a book shop and a motor workshop – generate income while empowering communities through direct and indirect employment opportunities. Through its Special Projects Unit, NCEASL works towards strengthening partnerships with all networks, especially entities working in similar areas of interest, both within and outside the Christian community.

The Sanctuary House Retreat and Training Centre has gained popularity as a preferred venue among civil society groups, international organisations, churches and even families for training programmes, church camps and get-togethers. With its capacity to host two or three small to medium sized groups simultaneously, comfortable A/C accommodation and friendly service at a very reasonably cost, Sanctuary House continues to contribute greatly to the success of any event or gathering hosted there.

The Waves of Hope bookstore which was primarily launched in December 2007 as a showroom for the Alliance Development Trust’s livelihood sector has expanded to provide livelihood opportunities not only for NCEASL’s beneficiaries, but to any deserving individual in the wider community who needs a little support to kick-start their business ventures. Waves, which also sells Christian literature and resources, has gained popularity among the wider network of publishers with its acceptance in May 2013 as a member of the Ceylon Book Importers and Bookseller’s Association and its participation at national book exhibitions such as the Colombo International Book Fair. Waves has also been the exclusive resource provider for the Global Leadership Summit for the last two years.