Launch of National Pastors’ Children’s Fellowship

The need for a national Christian youth movement among the pastors’ children was long felt. The NCEASL recognised that the ideal platform to launch this movement was by using an existing network – the all island pastors’ networks. Thus on 8 July, the NCEASL launched the National Pastors’ Children’s Fellowship (NPCF) with pastors’ children aged  [...]

The NCEASL holds regular prayer events during the year where pastors, leaders and prayer warriors from the Christian communities in Colombo and the suburbs are invited from time to time to unite in prayer. On the 25th of April 2014, fifteen people gathered at the Life Centre to worship and offer thanks and praise to  [...]

A training programme will be conducted by the NCEASL to introduce the Biblical Institute Leadership Development (BILD) training programme as a tool to develop Christian leaders.  The theme of this programme will be on “Becoming a Disciple” and will be for denominational leaders, organizational leaders, network leaders, church pastors etc. Venue: St. Paul’s Church Auditorium-St. Paul’s church, Galle Road,  [...]