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On 27th May 2014, 28 chairmen from pastors’ fellowships around Sri Lanka met for the second time this year at Nuwara Eliya. The chairmen discussed issues faced by them at a national level on achieving a unified church and coming together as the body of Christ, on improving discipleship by providing churches with discipleship training and on encouraging unity amongst the chairmen and pastors fellowships in the entire country.  This meeting was followed by the pastors’ fellowship meeting on 28th May, where the pastors from the Nuwara Eliya area met. A good representation of pastors, totalling at 153 participants, attended this meeting. A deep Bible study was conducted by a pastor from the Foursquare Church. The Nuwara Eliya pastors carry out their missionary work among the poor estate sector. They were challenged to go out and preach the Good News. Thereby, the discussions were focussed on discipling in order to direct the participants towards achieving this challenge.


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