Sri Lanka as a country is riddled with wounds of the past, inflicted by ethnic tensions, political turmoil and socio-natural disasters. Through its various projects, the NCEASL reaches out to communities affected by such circumstances, irrespective of their race or creed. These projects are geared to help communities most affected to recover or to empower those at risk to be resilient to the disasters, health epidemics as well as socio-economic and cultural tensions that come their way.

The NCEASL’s relief and development arm – the Alliance Development Trust – is among the first agencies to come to the aid of victims of socio-natural disasters and it is committed towards empowering marginalised and at-risk communities and social groups through trainings and financial assistance. Monetary support is provided for underprivileged groups such as war-affected persons to regain their lost economic status and dignity. Community development and entrepreneurship training programmes are conducted for rural and urban poor communities while programmes are also conducted for children with the aim of training them to be catalysts of change and development in their societies. Awareness programmes on leprosy, HIV and AIDS are conducted regularly with the aim of controlling the spread of these illnesses and redressing the societal stigma against those affected.

The NCEASL is steadfast to its calling to reach out to those who are most in need of assistance and helps such communities to attain sustainable development and improved living standards.