The National Christian Evangelical Alliance Sri Lanka (NCEASL) with a membership of over 200 churches and Christian organisations is committed towards equipping the Church of Sri Lanka and serving Evangelical Christians living in all parts of the country.

Through its three commissions, the NCEASL conducts several projects annually through which persecuted and impoverished churches are assisted, pastors and ministry workers are supported, theological students are equipped and the welfare of marginalised Christian communities are ensured.

The NCEASL, provides financial support in the form of livelihoods, scholarships for children and youth, allowances for volunteer Christianity teachers and support for church construction. Churches facing harassment and persecution are provided with legal advice and representation while the NCEASL also ensures that the rights of Christian groups are not violated. The NCEASL advocates for the freedom of religion or belief of Evangelical Christians, lobbying against harassment and persecution at local and international forums. Training programmes are conducted regularly for the benefit of ministry workers at which they are encouraged in their faith, instructed on their rights and reminded of their responsibilities. Further, a number of publications are printed and translated into the vernacular annually for the spiritual nourishment of pastoral workers while bibles are distributed among rural Christians who are unable to purchase bibles on their own due to poverty.

With its vision of ‘Unifying the Church to Transform the Nation’, the NCEASL equips the National Church to reach out to all parts of Sri Lanka in order to bring transformation to the country.